Handmade in Toronto, eh?


I wanted to somehow capture the emotional connection I have between scent and memory and link it the wild and magical place where I live. Canada is full of unique places - cities and towns that have a character all their own. We are fortunate to have it all here... prairies full of level horizons and ripe wheat; dense deep forests with lush green canopies, huge sprawling cities that compete with the worlds' best... and although Canadians are polite, I think we need to toot our horn a bit more.

The idea for Smells Like Canada came when I realized how emotionally connected Canadians can be to their hometown. In Toronto, where I live, we have a true tapestry of backgrounds, and I found that people from across the country were nostalgic for the wet rainy forests of BC, or the sweet air of Nova Scotia. So I thought I could help forge that connection through a line of products themed after the very towns that shape our Canadian landscape, and select the scent to represent that location - from the earthy airy smell of a field of wheat for Saskatchewan; the sharp and intense smell of pine in a wet forest for British Columbia.

The name... is well, pretty literal. The products smell like Canada - there you have it :).

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