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Have questions?  That's cool.  We have answers, maybe! 

What ingredients do you use?  Are they natural?  
Please see the "Philosophy" page for detail on our ingredients and our approach to high quality products.  SLC uses the best possible ingredients that are totally body safe, but if you are looking for a product that is 100% natural, please check out our Parks of Canada line!

My friend is allergic to (scent/oils/Canadian things, etc) - can I buy your candles for them? Will they die?
Allergies tend to be complex and extremely specific to each individual person, so I can never guarantee that someone will not have an allergic reaction to a product - even if I have tested with many many many customers and there has been no reactions in the past. Natural products can still illicit allergic reactions - people are allergic to naturally occurring matter, too!!  In a nutshell, *please* do your research and if you are unsure, do not buy!

I'm sensitive to scent - how smellerific are your candles and salves?
Our candles and salves are meant to really throw scent and fill up a room with delicious, warm smellerific smells... if you are very sensitive to scent, I would probably advise against them.  However, a couple of our scents are more subtle than others, specifically Calgary Rawhide and On the Dock.

I have a store!  Do you do wholesale?
My business strategy is to focus mostly on direct-to-consumer channels, but I do *some* wholesale here and there.  Feel free to reach out, but note that in most cases, I decline wholesale requests.

Do you do custom candles or private line production?  I want to make a candle with my own branding - can you help?
Sounds exciting!  However, I am totally focused on building the Smells Like Canada brand and unfortunately am not in a position to do private line production, so I cannot produce custom candles - sorry!

I am planning a sweeeeet upcoming wedding/company party/flash mob and want to give your candles as the giveaway - can you do bulk or large orders?
I have done this before, however it is rare for me to do a large bulk order.  Feel free to reach out, but note that in most cases, I will decline bulk order requests.

I work for a magazine/publication/company that would like to feature your products - can we?
Totally!  Please feel free to reach me via the "Contact" page and let's talk about what is possible, eh?

I think you are cool.
That's not really a question, but thanks!  I think you are cool, also.

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