Handmade in Toronto, eh?

Cabane à Sucre Shea Butter Salve



Product Details

This hand-made salve is made with pure refined Shea Butter which provides wicked-amazing moisture for skin and hair, as well as refined Beeswax from an apiary in Southern Ontario, Canada, which keeps moisture locked in. It is finished off with a Castor Oil to create a protective barrier, and some delicious fragrance!

Cabane à Sucre smells like warm, gooey maple syrup and a soft undertone of brown sugar. To be perfectly honest, it smells like a cozy winter cabin in Northern Quebec...And who are you to pass that up?

This 6 oz aluminum tin of salve has a twist-off lid to keep the product locked in.

*Please note this is a product made with fresh ingredients - please use within one year of purchase.

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