Handmade in Toronto, eh?

Calgary Rawhide Shea Butter Salve



Product Details

This hand-made salve is made with pure refined Shea Butter which provides wicked-amazing moisture for skin and hair, as well as refined Beeswax from an apiary in Southern Ontario, Canada, which keeps moisture locked in. It is finished off with a Castor Oil to create a protective barrier, and some delicious fragrance!

Calgary Rawhide's musky and sexy scent has strong notes of bergamot and leather... it's basically what you want your place to smell like when you're about to get your mack on with a lucky man or woman.

This 6 oz aluminum tin of salve has a twist-off lid to keep the product locked in.

*Please note this is a product made with fresh ingredients - please use within one year of purchase.

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