Handmade in Toronto, eh?

Sled Dog Protective Paw Wax



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Those of us with dogs in Canada know that cold snow and ice, as well as the mountains of salt used on city streets can leave our Canadian mutts' paws cracked, sore, and bleeding. This paw salve is designed to be both protective and restorative to help your Sled Dog with winter ice and salt.  

Sled Dog Paw Wax contains Ontario Beeswax, Shea Butter, Camellia Seed Oil, and Coconut Oil - put it on before heading out into the slush and it will extend your pup's resistance to cold and snow (the wax hardens in the cold and creates a temporary barrier).  It can also be used after a long walk to soothe any paw damage.

And if your pup wants to lick it, it's totally edible (just make sure you check on any allergies specific to your Sled Dog!)

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